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Detrum Z3-FPV Airplanes Flight Controller Set OSD 3in1 and PMU

Detrum Z3-FPV Airplanes Flight Controller Set OSD 3in1 and PMU

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Detrum Z3-FPV Airplanes Flight Controller Set OSD 3 in1 and PMU

Detrum Z3-FPV Airplanes Flight Controller Set OSD 3 in1 and PMU shipped from the UK to worldwide.

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Z3-FPV is a first person view flight controller applied on RC aircraft. The important data such as real-time altitude, speed, voltage, posture and distance can be shown on screen with the OSD function in Z3-FPV. The PMU(power management module) that supports 2-6S input can provide real-time data collection of battery voltage and current while providing stable power supply to the flight control, providing indispensable key information for FPV voyage. It can be applied on normal wing, fly-wing, and V-tail airplanes.

It supports five flying modes, when it controls the airplane flying after connected with receiver. The RTH mode can allow the aircraft to return to the take-off point safely under any circumstances. Under normal stability-enhancing mode, the stability of flight can be fully improved. Safe mode allows the aircraft to fly at a fixed altitude and directional stability. Aerobatics mode can lock the flight attitude to meet the aerobatic needs of players. Off mode (manual mode) allows the player to control the aircraft completely autonomously. And it can automatically switch back to the self-driving mode when the remote control signal is lost or out of control, allowing the aircraft to return to the take-off point safely.

Z3-FPV uses the original lever mode to enter the horizontal calibration, the triggering method is simple, no need to connect a computer, more convenient and fast


1,OSD Information Display Function: Real-time Monitoring of Flight Data

Through the built-in OSD, the plane altitude, speed, posture and distance can be shown on the screen.

When it cooperated with Detrum Blitz-DT9 Transmitter and RXC9M receiver, it can return real-time voltage, altitude, speed, attitude, distance, satellite signal and other information to the transmitter in real time, with voice broadcast and record the maximum & average value of information after the aircraft landed for analysis.

2,Independent PMU: Stable Power Supply Guarantee

3,One-click RTH & Fail Safe: The Guarantee of Safe Flight

Toggle the remote control RTH switch when required, the aircraft will maintain the current altitude(By default, when manually returning home, the aircraft will climb to 60 meters when the altitude is lower than 60 meters, and lower to 120 meters when it is higher than 120 meters.), and the autopilot will return to the take-off point side by side-waiting for you to regain control of the aircraft(The default circle radius is 50 meters). Parameters such as return speed and hovering radius can be set in the programming card according to the properties of the aircraft.

With out-of-control protection function (DSM, S.BUS receiver is activated automatically, PPM receiver needs to set out-of-control protection), when the aircraft flies out of the remote control range or the signal is bad, Z3-FPV flight control will automatically take over the aircraft, the height * keep 100 meters Fly back to the take-off point and circle (circling radius 50 meters) waiting for you to regain control of the aircraft. 

*The above mentioned heights are relative to the take-off point

4,Compatible with Most Receivers on the Market

Z3-FPV is compatible with Spektrum, Futaba, Detrum and all other transmitters on the market, and supports DSM, S.BUS, PPM receivers. And by connecting with Detrum’s programming card, it is convenient for parameter setting and simple and intuitive operation. When working with Blitz-DT9 and RXC9M receivers, it can transmit real-time information such as voltage, altitude, speed, posture, distance, satellite signals, etc. to the transmitter, and can perform voice broadcast. And record the maximum value and average value of information after the aircraft landed for analysis.

5,Main Control IC

32-bit high-performance ARM core processor, 6-axis MEMS gyro chipset, barometer.


6,Control Algorithm

Original airplane attitude stabilization algorithm and control algorithm. Support normal wing, fly wing, V-tail airplanes, and 3D planes.

7,Flying Mode

There are 5 modes: Gyro Off Mode(OFF), Normal Mode(normal), Auto-Recovery Mode(Safe), Aerobatic Mode(Aerobatic), Return to Home Mode(RTH). Different mode can be switched during flying.

8,Adjusting the Gain

Set the gain and other programmable items with 3in1 program card.

9,Firmware Upgrade

With USB upgrade function, manufacturers continue to update the function and upgrade firmware.

Technical Parameter



Main Control IC

32-bit high-performance ARM core   processor

Built-in Sensor

6-axis gyro, barometer

Gyro Range


Accelerometer Range

-4g ~ +4g

Input Signal

PPM, Futaba S.BUS, DSM

Output Signal


Work Voltage Range


Work Temp






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