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Wholesale 11pcs Dualsky XM6352DA Motor for Competition

Wholesale 11pcs Dualsky XM6352DA Motor for Competition

  • Brand::Dualsky
  • Product Code: XM6352DA
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  • £1,411.11

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Wholesale 11pcs Dualsky XM6352DA Motor for Competition

Why go for Dualsky DA motors?

If you compete, you need to look into Dualsky DA motors specially designed for competition.

What KV are available for this motor?

For this Dualsky XM6352DA, we have different KVs to choose. 360KV - 285KV - 240KV - 220KV

How much is the delivery to your door?

Delivery is as low as £2 whether you live in the UK, USA, Australia, France, Spain, Sweden etc...

About Dualsky XM6352DA Motor for Compettion 

Our wholesale price on Dualsky XM6352DA V4 is a deal not to be missed. Increase your profit margin with us.

The output is up to 3000 watts class. It is suitable for lightweight F3A airplanes up to 12Kgs gliders. We recommend Dualsky Summit ESC 100HV. Buy both the ESC and motor and enjoy a nice discount

For more information about Dualsky XM6352DA Motor for Competition, please read the description in the pictures. Contact us if you need more information.


XM6352DA V4, corresponding to 3000 watts class, suitable for lightweight F3A airplanes and up to 12kg gliders

New curved magnets. Torque in the middle RPM range is increased by 12% to 15% (compared to DA V3 motor)

Hollow shaft and lightweight parts, the overall weight is reduced by 7-10%.

With 3 EZO bearings and precisely balanced rotors, the motors can be maintenance-free up to 1000 flights.

Optimized rear support bearing (mount)

The total length of the two types of motor are uniform, the accessories are interchangeable, and they can be replaced seamlessly.

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